Dasrath Prasad Ramnandan Pandey (B.Ed. College)
1.1 Level of the Course Secondary Level
1.2 Name of the Teacher Education Course B.Ed
1.3 Duration of the Course Two Year
1.4 Weather to be conducted In face to face or distance Mode Face to Face
1.5 Proposed Intake 150
1.6 Academic Session from Which the course will be Conducted 2012-13
1.7 Details of Affiliating Body Name Address/Tel/Fax No Magadh University 0631-2200495

2.1 Whether copy of the affidavit in the Prescribed format has been displayed
On the web site as required under Regulation 8(9) of the NCTE Regulations, 2007 :- Yes
2.2 Land Identification (Plot/Khata No.) 427 & 429/24 Khasra No. 58
2.3 Land Area in 2549-52
2.4 Weather the title of the land Is on ownership basis Ownership basis
2.5 Title of the land is on lease As per law :- NA
2.6 Duration of the lease NA
2.7 Land use certificate obtained For educational institution :- Yes

Building Completion Certificate
Building Map